VHE rain garden definitely worth a look!

Prairie Cone Flower

Prairie Cone Flower at the Van Hise Elementary Outdoor Classroom Rain Garden, June 27, 2015

The Van Hise Outdoor Classroom has a 700-square-foot rain garden that filters water from the roof and parking lots. Plants native to Wisconsin were planted here. They do well with a lot of water (like this year) and can survive in drought, too. Why? They evolved to have very deep root systems, and their leaves and stems hold a lot of water.

The rain garden has been getting a lot of what it needs this spring and summer!

Today, there were a lot of great things to stop and see. It’s worth taking kids down to look closely at what they might find. Some of these photos are not in rain garden. All the pictures here were taken today at the garden.

Soon, the rain garden will also have a sign! That’s right. There is a sign all ready to be installed, paid for through a grant from the Friends of the Lake WIngra Watershed!


Cool little black damselfly. They seem to dig the dill…


Tiger lilies outside the entrance to VHE.


This little blue damselfly floated when flying.


Birdie friends.

Holllyhock buds

Holllyhock buds



Lamb's ear in bloom

Lamb’s ear in bloom

Lamb's ear is just cool.

Lamb’s ear is just cool.

Rudbeckia (brown-eyed Susan)

Rudbeckia (brown-eyed Susan)

Purple coneflower

Purple coneflower

Wild indigo, or "false" indigo

Wild indigo, or “false” indigo

Wild Indigo seed pods

Wild Indigo seed pods

Purple prairie clover--touch the leaves and smell!

Purple prairie clover–touch the leaves and smell!

Large-flower coreopsis

Large-flower coreopsis

Prairie blazing star looks this way this week…

In a couple of weeks, it will look like this!

In a couple of weeks, it will look like this!


This is what the prairie blazing star will look like in a week or two…worth a look, especially in early morning or evening. They seem to glow in the dark. (Thus–the name.)


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