Questions about the garden? Ask a member of the school garden committee (listed below) OR check with your child’s teacher to find out who is the class’s “garden parent” (most classes have a parent volunteer to help with garden support).

Your 2013-2014 school garden committee:

Molly Krolczyk, Garden coordinator

Kathy Brozyna

Chris Frakes

Kurt Runzheimer

Sarah Van Riet

Mary Michaud

Cindy Koepke


Blog question or suggestion? Contact Cindy Koepke or Kathy Brozyna.


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I have a fundraising idea for you. I am on the garden journal marketing committee for Madison Area Master Gardeners. The garden journal is an engagement calendar packed with horticultural information specific to our area. The theme of the 2011 journal is ornamental and edible gardens.
    The VHE PTO or the garden committee could sell them this fall and you would only need to purchase the amount you sell. The wholesale price is $9.00 and the retail price is $14.95 so you would make $5.95 for every journal sold!
    I live in the neighborhood and both my kids now go to Hamilton so it would be easy for me to get the journals to you.
    I would suggest selling them in November/December because they make a great holiday gift for the gardener or garden lover.

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