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Curious George Makes Compost

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Thanks to Beth Gunshor for her book and poetry ideas!


Worm Books


Package of Seeds

They can’t see their pictures,
they can’t read the label —
the seeds in a package —
so how are they able
to know if they’re daisies
or green for the table?

It sounds like a fancy,
it sounds like a fable,
but you do the sowing,
the weeding, the hoeing,
and they’ll do the knowing
of how to be growing.

-Aileen Fisher

Susie’s galoshes
Make splishes and sploshes
And slooshes and sloshes
As Susie steps slowly along in the slush.
They stamp and they tramp
On the ice and the concrete
They get stuck in the muck and the mud:
But Susie likes much best to hear
The slippery slush
As it slooshes and sloshes,
And splishes and sploshes
All around her galoshes!
-Rhonda Bacmeister


Check out these pages:

Environmental Education for Kids | Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Junior Master Gardener’s Program


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